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Mining Division

Gold Mining and Processing :

Zimbabwe, rich in gold deposits, holds the second-largest gold reserves in Africa, estimated at 13 million ounces in 2020. Our operations are concentrated in the Archaean Greenstone Belts of the Midlands province.

Kushanda Mineral Resources has secured over 350 ha of gold mining concessions in and around the Midlands province.

The gold mining sector in Zimbabwe is critical to the country’s economy, providing employment and foreign exchange earnings. However, the sector faces significant challenges, particularly in the small-scale mining sub-sector. One of the major challenges is the lack of adequate funding to support the growth and development of the sector. Kushanda Minerals is pioneering the use of decentralized funding to bring investment to the Zimbabwean gold mining sector, with a focus on small-scale miners.

KMR plans to use decentralized funding to support small-scale miners in Zimbabwe by creating a decentralized platform that allows investors to fund mining projects and receive a share of the profits. The platform will use blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and efficiency in the investment process.

Chrome Mining and Processing :

Zimbabwe boasts significant chrome reserves, primarily located in the Great Dyke geological formation. With approximately 12% of the world’s chrome reserves, Zimbabwe ranks as the second in the world . Kushanda Mineral Resources is swiftly emerging as a prominent figure in the industry, leveraging substantial reserves of top-quality alluvial and lumpy chrome.

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Commodity Trading

Kushanda Minerals Zimbabwe emerged as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kushanda Mineral Resources South Africa (Pty) Ltd,. Led by a seasoned management team with hands-on mining experience, we’ve established a robust network of stakeholders and industry specialists.

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